A rescuer was very concerned about a bird they found in Vidor, Texas.   They called the Wildlife Center of Texas in Houston, and a description determined the bird was a pied-billed grebe.  The rescuer drove the bird to Houston from Vidor.  The grebe was given an exam and found to have lacerations on one leg, a bruised shoulder and a mild concussion.  The grebe will be kept at the Wildlife Center for several days then will be released back to the wild.  Grebes often migrate at night and when they get tired and need to rest they sometimes come down on wet roads thinking they are waterways.  The location of their legs makes them strong swimmers, but almost impossible to navigate on land.  Without the help of humans to get them back to a water source they are doomed.  Grebes will run along the water to gain speed before taking off in flight. It was a lucky day for our grebe when the lady from Vidor happened upon him.  If you find a grebe or loon in the road, throw a towel over it and gently scoop it into a box and bring it to the Wildlife Center of Texas for care.

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