Squirrels in the Houston area have two nesting seasons; a spring season and a fall season.  The fall nesting season has officially begun.  The Houston area has three different species of squirrels; the eastern fox squirrel, eastern gray squirrel and the southern flying squirrel.  The Wildlife Center of Texas staff and volunteer have plenty of experience caring for squirrels.  Many WCT volunteers acquired their first experience after Hurricane Ike when the Wildlife Center took in over 1200 injured and orphaned baby squirrels. If you find an orphaned baby squirrel please check to see if a mother is around and she might take it back up the tree.  If not pick the baby up and put it in a box with soft rags.  Keep it as warm as possible and do not give it any liquids.  You can then take it to the Wildlife Center of Texas which is open 7 days a week to care for these little ones.

Please enjoy the pictures of WCT squirrels as you are shown the care of these little ones from infant to release.




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