The Wildlife Center of Texas (a non-profit organization) is a 501 (c)(3) organization and therefore all donations are tax deductible.

We care for all native Texas wildlife. The Wildlife Center of Texas is Houston’s only trauma and wildlife rehabilitation center that treats all injured, sick or orphaned native Texas wildlife species. The Wildlife Center of Texas has NEVER turned away an injured, sick or orphaned native Texas wild animal.

The Wildlife Center of Texas was originally founded in December of 1992 as Wildlife Rehab & Education. In 2007, we became a subsidiary of the Houston SPCA.  Reflecting our commitment to animals and expansion of programs and services to meet the growing needs of native wildlife in Texas, we changed our name in 2011 from Wildlife Rehab & Education to The Wildlife Center of Texas.  We are now the largest and most sophisticated wildlife response center on the Gulf Coast.

The Wildlife Center of Texas proudly opened a full function Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in September of 2007. The  Wildlife Center receives injured, sick or orphaned native wild animals daily from Houston and nine surrounding counties.  The Wildlife Center of Texas and their affiliated permitted wildlife rehabilitators envision accepting approximately 8000 wild animals in the coming year.

The Wildlife Center of Texas continues to provide environmental education to the public and expect that capacity to exceed our usual 10,000 kids and adults.  We also continue our Oiled Wildlife Response workshops.