The Wildlife Center of Texas is continuing to receive more baby raccoons than usual. These little ones require a great deal of care, expense, and a long term time commitment.

It has been interesting to look at our statistics and 85% of the baby raccoons we have taken in should not have been put in an orphan situation to begin with. Their mothers were trapped out of attics, under decks, etc. and then hauled off to who knows where without their babies. This is sad and painful for these females. They are full of milk and once released try to get back to their babies. Many are hit on roads that they are not familiar with or are run out of the site they are put on by resident raccoons.

Please remind family, friends and co-workers if they have a raccoon problem to call the Center first for advice so these little families are not separated. If you would like to help us care for all the new orphaned little raccoons please click here to donate. Thank you for being part of the team that lets animals have a place to grow, a place to heal, a place to be wild.

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