Join us at our Annual Open House

Save the date! The Wildlife Center of Texas annual Open House will be held on Saturday, December 5th, 2015. This year, we will have food trucks in addition to our usual snacks and great wine. Come out and participate in our raffle, bid in the silent auction, win prizes and tour the center! Please come out and support this vital local organization and join us in honoring our volunteers, sponsors, veterinarians, and Moody Gardens while celebrating our ninth year at The Wildlife Center of Texas. More information and RSVP details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Current patients at WCT

The Wildlife Center of Texas has had some interesting patients this week. Volunteers and staff found themselves caring for several members of the order pelecaniformes. Pelecaniformes are medium to large aquatic birds which include birds like pelicans, cormorants, gannets, boobies, and anhingas. The birds currently in our care include brown pelicans, an anhinga, and a neo-tropic cormorant. The feature that distinguishes this order from all other birds is totipalmate feet, an adaptation where all four toes are connected by webbing (seen to the right). The pelican and cormorant have a hook on the end of their bill whereas the anhinga has a straight, sharp bill.  Another interesting difference is the anhinga’s unusual feathers.  Their unique plumage consists of corrugated feathers (seen below); two in the center of the tail, one each from the scapular (shoulder feathers) and four or five rippled feathers on each wing. Many of the pelicans at the center were  brought in as a result of the extended cold winter we have had. The cormorant was hit by a car and is suffering blunt force trauma and the anhinga was found with its bill stuck in a littered hand wipe. Typically, birds like these come in emaciated and full of parasites in addition to their injuries. After they have been treated for their injuries and are ready to be released, The Wildlife Center of Texas will hold a public release of some of its pelicans sometime in March. If you are interested in participating in the release make sure you have signed up for our e-blasts.  You can sign up with just your name and email on the bottom of our home page: www.WildlifeCenterofTexas.org

Win A Chance to Play Golf at Pebble Beach!!!

Join us for the 9th Annual Wildlife Center of Texas Golf Tournament at the Wildcat Golf Club on March 20, 2013.  This year's event is bigger and better than ever with lots of great prizes, including a chance to win a trip to historic Pebble Beach! You can help save the lives of injured, ill or orphaned native wildlife, all while playing golf on a course named one of the Top 10 Luxury Courses by Avid Golfer Magazine!  Plus, if your team makes a donation of more than $1,200 in the Pebble Beach challenge, EACH player will receive a brand new Adams Speedline or Krank Rage custom driver valued at $400! There will be food, live music and much, much more.  Space is filling up fast, so don't delay, sign up today!  The tournament has an 8:00 am shotgun start with registration beginning at 7:00 am. The Wildlife Center of Texas is Houston’s only wildlife trauma and rehabilitation center that accepts all injured, sick or orphaned native wildlife species.  We provide short and long-term care and rehabilitation to the animals brought to the center, and increase public awareness and education on responsible environmental stewardship. Last year, we provided treatment and care to nearly 9,000 wild animals comprising 286 different species.  The Wildlife Center of Texas is also the “go to” organization when natural or man-made catastrophes impact the environment and the animals. Our teams are on call 24-7 and respond to oil spills year in and year out (more than 60 total to date). We also conduct Oiled Wildlife Response workshops for volunteers (training over 600 to respond to the Deepwater Horizon disaster), corporations and the Texas General Land Office, allowing us to educate industries [...]

2012 Year in Review

Please help us help them!  Click here and make a donation to the Wildlife Center of Texas to help support this very important mission. Here are just a few of the over 9000 patients that have been in care at the hospital and husbandry center.  The Wildlife Center of Texas receives no city, state or federal funding; your generosity will help continue assistance to wildlife in need.

Fall Migration is Underway

Fall migration has brought birds from the tiniest hummingbird to the largest red-tailed hawk.  While the Wildlife Center of Texas wishes no bird was injured but many times they hit power lines, cars or windows.  The Wildlife Center of Texas staff and volunteers care for these injured migrants with love and care and try to get them healed quickly so they can continue on their journey.  Some will have to winter over and then rejoin their friends during spring migration.  The Wildlife Center of Texas thanks all the caring rescuers who take the time to bring these injured birds to the Wildlife Center.    

Birdies for Birdies (and other Wildlife)

 Wildlife Center of Texas 8th Annual Golf Tournament April 25, 2012 Evergreen Point Golf Course 1530 Evergreen Rd., Baytown, TX 77520 Check In:  6:30am-7:30am Shot Gun Start:  8:00am The Wildlife Center of Texas expresses our sincerest thanks to all who have joined us the last seven years to help support the care of injured, ill, orphaned & oiled wildlife.     ❒ Eagle Sponsor/Underwriter - $5,000 + (Several available)  Thank you Egret Bay Neurology! (Company name/logo on WCT publications and website for one year, and special recognition prior to and throughout the tournament, and name on signage at a hole - includes two free foursome teams)         ❒ Hawk Sponsor - $4,000 (Only one available) Thank you Bealine! (Company name/logo on Golf shirts for all participants, WCT publication, website, and special recognition prior to and throughout the tournament, and name on signage at a hole - includes one free team)         ❒ Pelican Sponsor - $3,000 (Only one available) (Company name/logo on Lunch Table for all participants, WCT publication, website, and special recognition prior to and throughout the tournament, and name on signage at a hole - includes two free team players)  Thank you Intrafusion, Inc.!         ❒ Owl Sponsors - $2,000 (Only one of each available) (Company name/logo on Caps for all participants, WCT publication, website, and special recognition prior to and throughout the tournament, and name on signage at a hole - includes two free team players)  Thank you Intergulf Corporation! (Company name/logo on Golf Balls and Tees for all participants, WCT publication, website, and special recognition prior to and throughout the tournament, and name on signage at a hole - includes two free team players)  [...]


Strong rains have drenched the Houston area in the last few weeks, helping to bring a bit of relief from the severe drought. However, the drought damage to local trees is still causing problems for area wildlife.  The dead and weakened trees can be seen from The Woodlands all the way to Galveston.  Due to public safety concerns, work crews must cut these dead trees down.  Sadly, when the trees come down, so do the nests built by a variety of native Texas wildlife. Houston is still in the midst of a very active baby squirrel season, and many squirrels have chosen to make their nests in these dead trees.  When the trees are cut down to minimize human danger, the nests filled with babies also comes down.  If this happens in your yard, make sure the babies have not been injured and then place the nest in a box as close as possible to the tree that was taken down. Mother squirrels are very good moms and will want to get their babies back to care for them. If they can easily find the box, they will quickly retrieve their babies and move them to a new nest site. If the babies are injured and the mother does not come back within several hours, or if there are hazards such as cats in your area, you may bring the babies to The Wildlife Center of Texas. The Wildlife Center of Texas’s volunteers and staff will care for these small creatures until they are ready to return to the wild. They have their baby squirrel nursery set up, and it is already filling up with orphaned and injured squirrels.  Formulas and foods are being stocked, [...]

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