High winds and rain have brought a deluge of injured or orphaned wild babies to The Wildlife Center of Texas.  In just 72 hours, over 150 orphans arrived at The Wildlife Center, and they are currently caring for over 400 animals right now.

Houston is still in the midst of a very active baby squirrel and baby bird season. The Wildlife Center of Texas offers the following advice for citizens who find an injured, ill or orphaned wild animal:

(1)  Unless the baby is wet, cold, injured, covered with ants, fly eggs, maggots or is very weak, simply observe it at a distance for a time.

 (2)  If the baby’s mother does not appear, put the wild animal in a box with soft rags, keep the baby as warm as possible and place it in a quiet, dark place.  Do not attempt to give the animal any food or water.

(3)  Bring the animal to The Wildlife Center of Texas, located at 7007 Old Katy Road, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The Wildlife Center of Texas’s volunteers and staff will care for these small creatures until they are ready to return to the wild. They have their baby squirrel and bird nurseries set up and are ready to accept more orphaned animals. Formulas and foods are being stocked, and volunteers have just finished with more training on how to care for these precious babies. In addition, Eagle Scouts have come to the rescue and are building new squirrel release cages.

The Wildlife Center of Texas appreciates any donations to help feed and care for these displaced victims of the weekend storms.  Monetary donations can be made to help buy medications, specialized formulas and food.  Other items for The Wildlife Center can be found on Amazon.com. Go to the wish list tab and search for “Wildlife Center of Texas” in order to make a donation.  Donations of bags of dry dog food will help to feed some of the older baby wild mammals.

The Wildlife Center of Texas, an affiliate of the Houston SPCA, is Houston’s only trauma hospital that accepts all injured, orphaned, ill and oiled wildlife.  Last year alone, they provided treatment and care to 9,000 patients comprising 286 different species. 

The Wildlife Center of Texas will never turn an animal away.  Please visit their website, www.wildlifecenteroftexas.org, for more information or call 713-861-9453 (WILD).

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