Holiday Donation

During the holiday season, please don’t forget your wild friends. In addition to fixed costs associated with the facility itself, our Educational Ambassadors live year round with us and other animals have to “over winter’ with us until they are strong enough for release or migration. Cages must be rehabilitated or built during our “down” times. The number of avian migration injuries have increased this year and mammals are being injured as they try to find suitable cold weather dens. Your financial donation is crucial to our providing these services to such an under served community. Thank you!


Do you have hard to shop for friends and family on your Holiday List? If you have someone on your shopping list who has everything, consider a donation to the Wildlife Center in their honor. For a limited time, the Wildlife Center will send them a unique card designed by one of our talented volunteers announcing your generous charitable donation was made in their honor which will provide native Texas wildlife can have a second chance at survival.

When you click here to gift your honoree, please provide the honoree’s name and address at the bottom of the form in the notes section.

Or click here to print off a form to mail to The Wildlife Center of Texas, 7007 Katy Road, Houston,  TX 77024. Don’t forget the honorees name and address! 

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