The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) of 1918 protects all migratory birds.  The MBTA makes it illegal for people to “take” migratory birds, their eggs, feathers or nests.   The Wildlife Center of Texas receives eggs when US Fish & Wildlife gives prior approval due to a necessity for removal from their nest site.Release-See Band  

The following series of pictures tells the story of what happens with killdeer eggs once they are brought to the Wildlife Center.  The eggs are put in our special incubators where humidity, temperature, and rotation are monitored constantly by a computer and by volunteers.  When the eggs hatch the killdeer babies are put in special cages with heated hoods to provide warmth.  This is their baby nursery until they are ready for an outside cage.  They are fed foods that simulate what is found in their natural environment.  When they begin to lose their baby down and get their feathers in they are put in an outside cage so they can practice flying and strengthen flight muscles.  Some of our birds are banded by a professional bird bander and records are registered with the United States Bird Banding Lab.  The birds are then released.  These pictures show the killdeer and also a black-necked stilt.   All of these precocial birds were hatched from eggs and released into the wild.  The Wildlife Center of Texas was able to provide them a place to grow, a place to heal and a place to be wild.

We are always in need of funds to provide the special heated hoods (each are $150.00) and provide the food for the birds like the stilt and killdeer (each bird eats at least $40.00 worth of food from hatching until release).  If you would like to help these special birds please click here to donate.

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