As winter approaches, The Wildlife Center of Texas sees an increase in the number of injured adult animals that are found and brought to our center.

Hawks and owls are commonly found injured on roadsides, hit by cars as they swoop down to catch prey in the road. Hawks are also the most frequent victims of gunshots seen at The Wildlife Center of Texas. It is illegal to shoot or otherwise intentionally harm a protected species like hawks and other Texas birds thanks to the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Violations of the law are subject to conviction of a misdemeanor and fines of up to $15,000. However, this does not stop people from shooting the magnificent birds. Luckily, our veterinary staff is able to repair many of the injured birds brought to our center. It is very rewarding to see our raptors and other birds take flight once more and rejoin their brethren in the wild.

Besides our birds of prey, opossums that have been hit by cars or caught by dogs are another fairly common patient. Squirrels that are busy preparing for winter may get hit by cars, fall out of trees, or get caught by cats. Migratory songbirds may run into trouble with windows or outdoor cats as they come through the Galveston/Houston area. Seabirds and aquatic turtles inadvertently swallow fish hooks along with their meal. Many of the injuries sustained by wild animals are the result of human influences. The Wildlife Center of Texas is here to help. We are open every day to receive wild animals in need. Our staff is just a phone call away to give advice on capturing an injured animal or to make recommendations for transport.

The Wildlife Center of Texas does not receive financial support from any local, state, or federal agencies. There is never a fee to bring an injured wild animal to our center, but donations are our only source of support. Please consider making a donation to The Wildlife Center of Texas to aid us in providing the best care to all the wonderful creatures that come to us for help.





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