duck with hookReading X-rays can sometimes be very tricky. Medical professionals receive extensive training, but any layman can see what’s wrong with this Muscovy duck. Not only is the hook well imaged, it is so good you can see the barb! The duck is continuing to recover at the Wildlife Center after surgical removal of the hook.

Words fail when we try to express our gratitude. With the possible exception of the microscope, an x-ray is the most valuable diagnostic tool available to medical professionals. This X-ray allowed Dr. Flores the precision she needed to remove the hook with minimum damage to surrounding tissue.

The fact that the X-ray machine is digital is extremely important because we can e-mail the image to any veterinarian with internet access for an instant diagnosis! In addition, the image can be manipulated (zoom / lighten /darken) just like a photograph or false colors can be assigned to increase the contrast.

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