Wildlife Rehab & Education Press Release

Wildlife Rehab & Education (a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization) was formed to meet the increasing need for wildlife assistance in the Greater Houston / Upper Gulf Coast. Oiled wildlife response brought the founding members of WR&E together over twenty-five years ago. Each year, over seven thousand injured, ill or orphaned wild birds and mammals are received by WR&E licensed rehabilitators.

We care for all native Texas wildlife. WR&E is Houston‘s only trauma and wildlife rehabilitation center that treats all injured, sick or orphaned native Texas wildlife species. WR&E has NEVER turned away an injured, sick or orphaned native Texas wild animal.

The techniques used to care for these animals maximize their chances for survival when they are returned to their native habitat. WR&E volunteers attend training courses and seminars to acquire the specialized skills necessary to give these creatures the best care possible.

Wildlife Rehab & Education proudly opened a full function Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in September of 2007. The WR&E Wildlife Center receives injured, sick or orphaned native wild animals daily from Houston and nine surrounding counties.  WR&E Wildlife Center and their affiliated permitted wildlife rehabilitators envision accepting approximately 8000 wild animals in the coming year.  

The goal of rehabilitation is the release of the animal back into the wild in a physical condition that optimizes survival. Rehabilitation involves evaluation of the injury, illness or age of the orphan. A treatment plan is developed and followed.

The healthy animal is placed in a conditioning cage to build muscle tone necessary to hunt for food. Birds are placed into a large flight cage to further condition the wings. Most species are placed in a soft release cage at the release location to adjust to the new location. Once the animal thinks of the cage as “home” they are released. Food and water continue to be placed in the cage until animal doesn’t return.

Wildlife Rehab & Education is eager to share our message of peaceful co-existence; respect for ourselves, each other and our environment; responsible stewardship of our environment and wildlife ecosystems through varied educational experiences. WR&E lectures reach 10,000 children and adults each year.

Oiled Wildlife Response allows us to educate industry in the prevention and effective response that will maximize the survival of affected wildlife. Our Oiled Wildlife Response team is available to respond to emergencies along the entire Gulf Coast.

Caring for orphaned and injured wildlife is expensive. WR&E does not receive any federal, state or local government support. All of our operating funds come from concerned individuals and corporations. Your support is critical to our success.

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