Animal Status

At drop off, you were given a slip of paper that explained how to obtain the status of the animal that you brought to us for care. We are glad that you are interested in following up on the animal you rescued. We will gladly provide you with as much information as we can about the animal via email, but we do ask that you wait at least three days before you follow-up on the patient.

Send your email to, and please provide the following information: species, rescuer’s first and last name and the date the animal was admitted.

If you call to check on an animal it ties up the phone lines and sidelines someone that is manning the front desk and dealing with intakes or someone that is providing care for the hundreds of animals we receive each week. We like to keep the phone lines open for animals that are in stress and need immediate help.


Thank You again for your ongoing interest in our mission. Send your email to and we will reply to you within 1 week.

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