Current oiled wildlife responses by the Wildlife Center of Texas include the following:

A pipeline spill in the Natchez, Mississippi area in October 2003
A pipeline spill in Grand Isle, Louisiana in November 2003
Pipeline spills in Venice, Louisiana after Hurricane Ivan in September 2004
A spill affecting nesting brown pelicans due to a tropical storm in Louisiana in June 2005 Several spills in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina in September 2005
Largest oil spill in Southwest Louisiana history in the Calcasieu River/Ship Channel in 2006
Two spills in Louisiana in 2007
A spill in the Mississippi River in New Orleans, LA after a tanker and barge collision in July 2008
A spill involving brown pelicans after Hurricane Gustav in September 2008
Fuel oil spill in Galveston, TX after Hurricane Ike in September 2008 affecting osprey and brown pelicans
A spill in Louisiana affecting brown pelicans and anhinga in January 2010
A spill in Corpus Christi, TX in January 2010
A spill in the Houston Ship Channel in February 2010
A spill affecting a National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana in April 2010