Oiled Wildlife Response Team

Oiled Wildlife Response Team

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The Wildlife Center of Texas Oil Spill Response Team is on the move again. Tuesday they were called to a spill that affects the Delta National Wildlife Refuge and Breton Island in Louisiana. Resources have been mobilized to deploy containment booms, conduct cleanup operations and attempt to keep wildlife out of the affected area. The Wildlife Center of Texas’ team is no stranger to this environmentally sensitive region which includes several major rookeries. The site is so remote that the airboat ride is over 45 minutes. Our responders are sunburned and sore from the pounding boat ride.

The Wildlife Center of Texas oiled wildlife response team responded to three oil spills in January and February.  Two were in Texas and the other in Louisiana.  One spill affected several anhinga (similar to the better known Cormorant) and the team was very intrigued by this interesting bird.  They did very well in captivity and were released with a group of brown pelicans.

Over 50 participants attended the first Texas General Land Office (TGLO)  Oiled Wildlife Workshop which was held in Corpus Christie.  The second TGLO sponsored workshop will held later this month in Port Arthur and a third  workshop will be held May 20 at the Wildlife Center of Texas Wildlife Center.  There are four other workshops planned in the Gulf Coast area to finish out the year.

Photo is of a Mottled Duck taken at a previous oil spill by Julie Dermansky.

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  1. John Paul May 5, 2010 at 7:36 am - Reply

    Why the crap should we need volunteers ?? BP should be “donating” and paying good money for people to clean up the ridiculous mess they could have and should have avoided in the first place. Not to mention they will probably use their portion of the billions of dollars in subsidies given to the oil industry by legislators each year paid for by the taxpayers, brilliant right ?? “Drill baby Drill” “Mission Accomplished”

  2. cyndi May 6, 2010 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    Every single spill that can be traced to a “responsible party” must by law be responsible for its clean up. “Volunteers” to BP will be paid $10 per hour for general labor and $16 per hour for supervisory. BP will be responsible for damages, lost income for the fishermen, clean-up….everything. It is one of the “costs of doing business”. BP will pay every dollar that it owes or will be sued in civil and/or criminal court. BP has in the past and continues to conduct itself in a manner friendly to the environment.

  3. heidi June 9, 2010 at 9:51 pm - Reply

    Cyndi, for those of us certified in oiled wildlife cleaning (but not yet HAZWOPR certified), is there any way we can help – other than sitting next to the phone and waiting for a call?

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