The Wildlife Center of Texas received a call from a lady three hours northeast of Houston concerning a downed bald eagle.  Arrangements were made and the bald eagle was transported to the Wildlife Center of Texas.  The bird was full of parasites, fire ants, extremely emaciated and had an injured wing.

Veterinarians immediately began treatment and tried to stabilize this magnificent bird.  Even with all the valiant efforts by veterinarians, staff and concerned volunteers the bald eagle did pass.   The bald eagle’s body will be sent to the national eagle repository.

The passing of this bald eagle was extremely sad because the bird was observed injured for 5 days before help was found for the bird.  Please remind friends, family and co-workers that it is crucial that injured, ill and orphaned wildlife gets to the Wildlife Center as soon as possible.

The Wildlife Center of Texas stands ready and able to help all injured, ill and orphaned wildlife seven days a week.   Please help us give out the Wildlife Center of Texas  number  713-861-9453 so animals like this magnificent eagle can get help quickly.


Photos courtesy of Lindy Pollard
Wildlife Center of Texas Volunteer
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