Raccoons in the attic or opossums under the deck?  The expertise of the Wildlife Center is always available by phone or in person. In addition, most common questions and concerns are addressed under the “Need Help?” tab.

In the case of unwanted wildlife in or around your home, it is best to speak to someone with the Wildlife Center of Texas before intervention since relocation can be a death sentence. The professionals at the Wildlife Center of Texas can often provide solutions that don’t require separating babies from their mother or trapping animals for relocation.

Experienced volunteers are available at 713-861-WILD (713-861-9453),  7 days a week during operating hours except New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Animal Intakes:

Please call 713-861-WILD (713-861-9453) before you bring in your animal. Our trained staff is available to answer all of your questions.