Wildlife Presentations

The Wildlife Center of Texas offers a wide variety of experiences and presentations to enhance and promote community awareness of and respect for our wild heritage. To contact our education coordinator about scheduling a presentation, send an email to presentations@wildlifecenteroftexas.org.

On-site Presentations

Presentations at the The Wildlife Center of Texas are encouraged. Our trained speakers and Education Ambassadors are available at the Wildlife Center of Texas to provide educational programs. To meet our Education Ambassadors, click here.

Attendees to on-site presentations will learn about many of our wildlife ambassadors, including their habits and adaptations. Important aspects of peaceful coexistence will also be discussed, including animal exclusion methods using the “Peaceful Coexistence House” to demonstrate. The importance of responsible stewardship of our local wildlife will also be emphasized.

The Wildlife Center of Texas has the following options to accommodate any group:

Large groups

A large group is any group with more than 15 people. Presentations for large groups will be:

  • $100 for a half hour presentation
  • $150 for an hour presentation

Small Groups

A small group is any group with 15 or fewer people. Presentations for small groups are $10 per child/family.

Scout Troops

Scout Troops will pay $10/person. We also ask that any attending sibling be over age 5 so that we can focus our message to the appropriate age group.

Off-site Presentations

The Wildlife Center of Texas provides trained speakers to address civic groups, businesses, schools and other organizations interested in native wildlife and environmental education. One or two of our wildlife ambassadors will accompany the speakers. The Wildlife Center of Texas programs focus responsible stewardship of the environment and wildlife, as well as peaceful coexistence and the public’s role in wildlife rehabilitation. For off-site presentations, the fees are:

  • $250.00 for a one-hour program

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