CenterPoint once again steps in to help our feathered friends.  Last year David McAden, WR&E volunteer and CenterPoint Energy employee contacted CenterPoint to help WR&E successfully re-nest two baby great horned owls the  story was chronicled in the Summer 2008 newsletter.

This spring, David called the Wildlife Center concerning a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus) who had drilled completely through a power pole in the Dickinson/Santa Fe area.

The largest woodpecker in the area, once seen, it can not be confused with any other bird. As large as a crow, the bright red crest crowns a handsome shiny black bird with white wing linings. The top bill is black and the lower bill is a medium tan (horn) colored.

The pole was seriously weakened by several excavations that fully penetrated the pole. The weight of the lines put it in danger of snapping.  CenterPoint agreed to preserve the woodpecker’s home. A new concrete pole was erected and the power lines transferred.  The male and female woodpeckers were last seen enjoying their home while the sturdy new pole was doing its job.  It is very rewarding to see companies peacefully coexisting with our native wildlife.

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