The Wildlife Center of Texas is preparing for the spring season of baby squirrels.

Area scouts such as the ones from Girl Scout troop 4073 are helping out by making squirrel blankets and owl boxes that also can be used as squirrel nest boxes. Wildlife Center volunteers are attending in service classes on the care and identification of baby squirrels.  Wildlife Center staff is stocking up of food supplies.

There are three species of squirrels in the Houston area; the Eastern fox squirrel, Eastern gray squirrel and Southern flying squirrel.  The Wildlife Center has already had the honor of caring for several tiny flying squirrels and fox squirrels this year.  The little gray squirrels won’t be far behind.


There are several ways you can help.  Remember when having trees trimmed or dead branches taken down, holes in the trees could contain baby squirrels.   Provide plenty of seeds, nuts and veggies for the adults to eat and most importantly if you would like to help buy formula, food and medications for raising these cute little ones please click here to donate.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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