Many different species of raptors (birds of prey) are being cared for at The Wildlife Center of Texas this month.  There are still babies in the raptor nursery and teenagers in the fledgling cages.  There are a multitude of injuries including gunshot wounds, hit by cars, head traumas and emaciation.  Illnesses include viruses, protozoans and other parasites (external and internal).  Diurnal (active during the day) birds of prey that are at WCT include Mississippi kites, broad-winged hawks, red-shoulder hawks, red-tailed hawks, bald eagle, and cooper’s hawks.  The nocturnal (active at night)  birds of prey include screech owls, barred owls, great-horned owls and barn owls.  Sign up for e-blasts to participate in a bird of prey release by submitting your email address on our homepage.  You can also help these magnificent creatures by donating for their care.  Each year The Wildlife Center of Texas receives over 400 birds of prey.  Food, medications, and caging that meets federal standards are very expensive, with no city, state or federal funds The Wildlife Center of Texas relies on your support to give these patients a place to grow, a place to heal and a place to be wild.   Please enjoy pictures of our birds of prey in care.



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