Many area birders have enjoyed watching this springs migration of birds.  Our region of Texas is on the Central Flyaway migration route and is a popular birding area.   The past few years the weather has been so nice that the spring migrants come over the Gulf of Mexico and then continue inland for many miles before stopping to eat and rest.  This spring our area has experienced several cold fronts with strong headwinds that have left the birds exhausted and when they reach our coastline they stop to look for shelter and food as they rest.

Area residents who have birdfeeders have reported seeing colorful birds they have not seen before.  The Wildlife Center of Texas has received over 20 different species of migrating birds since March.  Many have come in with head traumas or exhaustion.    The weakened birds end up easy prey to cats and then the injured birds are brought to the Wildlife Center.  The Wildlife Center staff and volunteers offer these birds medications, food and shelter as they are quickly given care and then sent on their way to continue their migration.  Please enjoy our photos of some of the patients who were brought to the Wildlife Center of Texas by caring rescuers.

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