For four days between October 16th and 24th the employees of Chevron opened their hearts and put on their work clothes to help the animals of the Wildlife Rehab & Education Center as a part of their “Chevron HumanKind Campaign.”  For every 20 hours a Chevron employee volunteers at a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity of their choice, they can request a grant from Chevron for $500 dollars for the charity. In addition, Chevron will match one to one employee contributions to the charity. Wow! President of Chevron Exploration Technology Company, Melody Meyer worked on the team led by Chevron employee, Tommy Lyle where she helped to build flight cages for the Wildlife Rehab & Education Center’s Education Ambassadors. Not only did these employees get their hands dirty for the love of our wild friends, they also purchased the necessary materials to build the flight cages.  Chevron’s HumanKind Campaign has encouraged their employees to learn more about charities and how they can lend a helping hand.  “We hope employees who have participated in this program will come back and be a permanent volunteer long after their employee contribution has been made,” says Susie Hebert, Community Engagement Specialist for Chevron.   The Wildlife Rehab & Education Center is thankful for the generosity and support of the employees of Chevron and the Chevron HumanKind Campaign.  Our animals can now continue to move forward towards a better tomorrow!


  Community Outreach The WR&E educational committee team is expanding.  More than fifteen volunteers are in the process of completing training to give wildlife presentations.   The demand for this service is tremendous, WR&E is requested weekly to give wildlife presentations.  By training new presenters we will be able to expand our program and reach even more people with our important message about peaceful coexistence with wildlife.  Some of the presentations given in the last few months included many elementary schools, a master naturalist training class, a diurnal raptor class, Bayou Bend Museum, wildlife groups for Ineos, senior groups, garden clubs, and several scouting groups. Acknowledging people committed to making a difference Author unknown A small boy lived by the ocean. He loved the creatures of the sea, especially the starfish and spent much of his time exploring the seashore. One day he noticed there would be a minus tide and that would leave the starfish stranded on the sand. The day of the tide he went down to the beach and began picking up stranded starfish and tossing them back into the sea. An elderly man who lived next door came down to the beach to see what he was doing, ”I’m saving the starfish” the boy proudly declared. When the neighbor saw all of the stranded starfish, he shook his head and said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you young man, but if you look down the beach one way, there are stranded starfish as far as the eye can see. And if you look down the other way, the beach is also covered in stranded starfish for as far as you can see. One little boy like you isn’t going to make much of [...]

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