The Wildlife Center of Texas continues to ready all of its baby nurseries for the upcoming baby season.  the Center has already cared for hundreds of baby squirrels, opossums and rabbits this year.  The first babies back in late January are already in release cages or have already been released.  It seems that the day a group goes out another group comes in so the nurseries stay full.



We received our first fawn of the season so we are reminding everyone to make sure that a fawn you might find is truly orphaned or injured before picking it up.  A call the Wildlife Center can help make that determination.  Baby birds are also finding their way to the Center.  If a baby bird is found on the ground and seems to be in good shape try putting it back in the nest.  If you can’t reach the nest try using a hanging basket to put the baby in.  After observing for several hours, if the parents do not come back then bring it to the Wildlife Center.


The Wildlife Center has several baby owlets, doves and songbirds.  While our mammal babies are quiet, the baby birds certainly are not, and let us know they are ready to eat all the time.  Dedicated staff and volunteers are on hand to keep everyone healthy and happy with food preparation, feeding and cage cleaning.  If you would like to volunteer please visit  our Get Involved Volunteering page.

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