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Yesterday a lady brought in two small fledgling birds to the Wildlife Center of Texas.  Wildlife Center staff  were surprised when they looked in the container and saw two small white wrens with red eyes.  The Center has received albino animals before, but never wrens.  The Wildlife Center does have an albino educational ambassador opossum.

Albinism occurs when melanin is not produced by melanocytes.  Albinism is easily identified by the striking red yes.  Eyes appear red or pink because without melanin in the iris, the capillaries inside the eye show through.  The coat or feather color will be a creamy white.

The lady told their story.  Carolina Wren’s had made a nest in her yard and she happily watched the parents go in and out of the nest feeding their babies.  Finally the fledging day arrived and out popped three brown colored babies and left to follow their parents.  Then out popped two more wrens and they were white.  The lady waited for several hours but the parents and other siblings never returned.  The babies were very vulnerable and would never make it through the night left where they were so the lady bought them to the Wildlife Center.  The little wrens immediately adjusted to being hand fed and enjoy the company of another little wren who was at the Center before they arrived.

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