The Wildlife Center of Texas was called out to help rescue a great egret in Dickinson, Texas.







A person reported that a great egret was caught in a tree hanging over a bayou.  The WCT rehabilitator enlisted the help of her husband and another volunteer and in the cold rain canoed across the bayou to the island where the bird was hanging.





The bird was freed and a quick exam showed the bird to be very weak, in shock and had fishing line hanging from its mouth (swallowed a fish hook).  The bird was rushed to the Wildlife Center where staff and volunteers administered warm fluids and put the bird in a heating unit.  The bird was stabilized and radio graphs were taken.




The egret has bruised wings and feet, and will need surgery to remove the fishing hook.  The Wildlife Center of Texas thanks these volunteers who went above and beyond to come to the rescue of this splendid water birds.

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