This section will provide guidance as to whether or not a baby animal is really an orphan and needs help or should be left alone, how to peacefully coexist with wildlife and what can be done if an animal has become a problem.

Deciding if otherwise healthy wild animals need human intervention is somewhat of an art. Many fledgling birds, rabbits and fawn are accidentally stolen from their parents by well meaning people.

Unless the baby is wet, cold, injured, covered with ants, fly eggs, maggots or is very weak simply observe it at a distance for a time. If it is decided that the baby needs human help, it will need to be kept warm. Do not bring the baby into the air conditioning unless you place it in a box, on a heating pad set on LOW.

DO NOT FEED OR WATER THE ANIMAL! Great harm can come to an animal that is fed the wrong food, at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

The goal of peaceful coexistence is to manage the wildlife in such a way that conflict is minimized. The most effective methods are habitat modification and exclusion.

If additional information is needed, experienced volunteers are available at 713-861-WILD (713-861-9453),  7 days a week except New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Found Injured or Orphaned Wildlife? 

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