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The peaceful co-existence of humans and wildlife is an essential goal of The Wildlife Center of Texas.   Humans are only one part of the planet. Humans must learn to work with Mother Nature and not against her. Interrupting the natural system causes more harm than good. When wildlife is removed from the environment it causes an unnatural result and often causes additional problems for a homeowner such as an overabundance of snakes, mice, rats and cockroaches.

Environmental education and assistance is available by trained individuals for phone inquiries on a variety of questions relating to injured or orphan birds and mammals. It is not uncommon for  The Wildlife Center of Texas staff to spend a great deal of time coaching an individual on capturing and safely transporting a wounded animal to our center.  Time is also spent educating individuals on how to peacefully coexist with our native wildlife.

The Wildlife Center of Texas provides presentations on numerous topics for audiences from pre-school age to adult.  The Wildlife Center of Texas also provides trained speakers on an off-site basis to address civic groups, businesses, schools, and other organizations interested in native wildlife.  When it is safe and appropriate, some of our Education Ambassadors are available to accompany the speaker.  Without education we have no hopes of stemming the tide of habitat destruction, escalation of conflicts between wildlife and people, and the waves of orphans that are found 2-3 days after mom has been trapped and relocated or babies that are accidentally kidnapped by well meaning people who want to help but don’t know how.

There is a wealth of information under the tab “Need Help?” concerning how to determine if a baby that appears to be orphaned really is or not, supportive care until the animal can be transported to the wildlife center, constructive ways to handle “problem wildlife” and wildlife- friendly gardening.

If your question cannot be answered by the information under the “Need Help?” tab, please consult with a trained Wildlife Center of Texas staff member before intervention. The Wildlife Center of Texas can be reached by phone at 713-861-WILD (9453), 7 days a week during operating hours.