Oiled Wildlife Response Team

The Wildlife Center of Texas Oil Spill Response Team is on the move again. Tuesday they were called to a spill that affects the Delta National Wildlife Refuge and Breton Island in Louisiana. Resources have been mobilized to deploy containment booms, conduct cleanup operations and attempt to keep wildlife out of the affected area. The Wildlife Center of Texas' team is no stranger to this environmentally sensitive region which includes several major rookeries. The site is so remote that the airboat ride is over 45 minutes. Our responders are sunburned and sore from the pounding boat ride. The Wildlife Center of Texas oiled wildlife response team responded to three oil spills in January and February.  Two were in Texas and the other in Louisiana.  One spill affected several anhinga (similar to the better known Cormorant) and the team was very intrigued by this interesting bird.  They did very well in captivity and were released with a group of brown pelicans. Over 50 participants attended the first Texas General Land Office (TGLO)  Oiled Wildlife Workshop which was held in Corpus Christie.  The second TGLO sponsored workshop will held later this month in Port Arthur and a third  workshop will be held May 20 at the Wildlife Center of Texas Wildlife Center.  There are four other workshops planned in the Gulf Coast area to finish out the year. Photo is of a Mottled Duck taken at a previous oil spill by Julie Dermansky.

January 2010 Update

NEW PELICAN VIDEO! Watch as WR&E staff gavage feed a juvenile pelican who was rescued from the fifth floor of a downtown high-rise. Click here to view the video!   UPCOMING EVENT – GOLF TOURNAMENT WR&E proudly announces its 6th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament will be held at Evergreen Point Golf Course in Baytown! This is a beautiful course, the azaleas will be in bloom and lucky participants may glimpse the resident pair of Bald Eagles. Mark Your Calendars Wednesday March 31, 2010  This year in addition to all the other goodies that you've come to expect at a WR&E Golf Tournament, there will be a silent auction.   CLICK HERE  for the registration form. CLICK HERE  to contact the Tournament Coordinator, E. J. Rogers.   UPCOMING EVENT – CARACARA RELEASE Great News!  The Caracara featured in the last newsletter has been moved to a large flight cage to condition his wings. While there, he has shown himself to be fit for release! Once the weather improves, we will be releasing him. We've reserved an invitation for you - watch you inbox for more details.   UPCOMING EVENT – OILED WILDLIFE RESPONSE WORKSHOPS WR&E is currently working out the logistics for the 2010 Oiled Wildlife Response Workshops. Demand continues to climb and WR&E is currently planning seven workshops! We’ll be in touch once dates are finalized.   PATIENT UPDATES The three amigos are happily relocated to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. The high-rise pelican is eating with gusto and gaining weight. He will be released once we have an extended period of warm weather. The batting cage Barred Owl is recovering from his entanglement, he is eating well and will be moved to a large flight cage soon to [...]

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