On Sunday afternoon, the Wildlife Center of Texas received a call about a heron that was hanging by an old kite string in a pine tree. The heron had been perched on a limb earlier that morning, but evidently had fallen off and wrapped the line around the first few flight feathers of one wing. The heron was hanging about 50-60 feet up in the air by just those feathers.

The Wedgewood Forest neighborhood and other residents out enjoying their Sunday strolls became immediately involved in trying to help the heron. Extension ladders, law enforcement, and a variety of other avenues were explored or attempted with no success.

Karen Smith, volunteer with The Wildlife Center of Texas, drove out to the site prior to dusk to survey the situation and plan accordingly. The only solution was to find a tree service that would volunteer their time to assist. On Monday morning. Shain Mann, owner of Mann’s Tree Service, volunteered to meet Karen at the residence, along with his employee, James.


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James had to climb a nearby pine tree and was able to pull the heron toward him to cut it free from the kite string. Residents and Karen were ready on the ground with a blanket to catch the heron in a free-fall situation. James was able to carefully secure a rope to the heron and slowly lower it down. The heron was cold and in shock. Karen immediately drove it to the Wildlife Center of Texas where it was warmed, stabilized and given pain medications.

A huge “thank you” goes out to Shain Mann and James for their assistance. As we have mentioned before, it takes a community to help our animals in need.

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