Summer heat is taking a toll on our area wildlife.  This past week, the Wildlife Center of Texas, has seen a higher than normal intake of dehydrated little nestling and fledgling birds. 




Blue jays, mockingbirds, ducks and doves are among some of the birds who are on their second clutch of young ones for the summer.  The high heat makes it harder for parent birds to find food for their little ones.  

Young hawks and screech owls that are out on their own are having problems finding food and are coming in  very emaciated as well as dehydrated.   Signs of dehydration are the first thing the Wildlife Center of Texas veterinarians look for on the initial exam as new little patients arrive daily. 



The babies are given fluids until they have improved then they are moved on to a diet of berries, insects and other natural foods they would find in the wild.  Wildlife Center of Texas staff reminds everyone to keep their bird baths cleaned and filled daily. 

While some areas of Houston have had rain others have not so some small creeks and water sources are beginning to dry up.  The birds and wildlife in these areas need homeowner’s bird baths to help get them through these hot temperatures. 



Home owners might be surprised at who visits their watering stations.  This pileated woodpecker normally would not be using this bird bath, but natural water in the area is scarce so it is taking advantage of the kindness of the home owner.

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